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all apps should be posted in the appropriate forums within! you can also grab the template in here too. please note that any apps in the incomplete forum that haven't been updated/completed in seven days will be archived (unless you've spoken to an admin!)

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welcome to season 6 of the bachelor! with marriage equality finally legal in australia, this season will highlight the pursuit of love between all genders. will australia's newest bachelor be lucky in love?

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don't even think about messing up princeton's special day
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Sydney's inner city district is the main financial hub for Australia - as well as being home to many of Sydney's famous landmarks.
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one of australia's most expensive suburbs, only the affluent of sydneysiders can afford to live in beautiful mosman, right by balmoral beach. also here is the amazing taronga zoo
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an affluent and vibrant suburb, surry hills is a mix of residential, commercial and industrial areas. it is a major center of fashion wholesale activities and features popular bars and creative restaurants.
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iconic bondi beach is the most famous of australia's beaches and has something for everyone - from the surf, sun and sand to the farmer's markets and street.
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located less than an hour from the heart of sydney, campbelltown is a scenic bushland escape from the city.
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>rich in colonial history, parra is home to many heritage listed sites but also has a vibrant youthful culture
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located on the banks of the nepean river, penrith is 50km from the center of sydney.
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it's a no-brainer what needs to be in here. please post your ad in the appropriate section, thank you! if you would like to affiliate with us, that's in here too.

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