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set in sydney, australia, milkshake! is a fresh and friendly real life rp that encourages wild and free rping and diversity! we're accepting of all players and characters from any background (treat others how you wish to be treated in return). You won't be judged for your plots, no matter how dark and messy they are or how cute and fluffy you want them to be c: come join us where you can just write!

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14 august: today we're flipping out a quick little activity check! please read all the details here!

1 august: happy earth day nova milkshake! happy engagement zero!

1 june: ayo ladies & gentlemen, this is milkshake's one year anniversary! it's a massive milestone for a number of reasons, but most importantly it's very symbolic of the friendship and totally insane plots we have come up with over the last twelve months. thank you to everyone who has brought their sunshine and light to milkshake and jumped into all our adventures with us! we love you so much ♥

23 april HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZERO!!!! today our lil peppa was born and this gross world became so much brighter <33 have an amazing day beautiful, and know that we all love you!! <3

20 march come play our first monthly post bingo! lasting until the end of april!

11 march this month's of the whenevers are up! congratulations all our wonderful players c: you're the best!

1 march we are eight months old! thank you for everyone who has kept milkshake the amazing, friendly, safe place it is <3

21 Feb. nominate the OTMs which should be renamed the of the whenevers

1 Jan. Happy new year babies!

17 Dec. merry christmas friends! christmas is just next week so we're not going to do a MASSIVE event but there's still some fun things to do and don't forget to complete the activity check
09 Nov. Things are still a little spooky around here, but we're back to our regular milkshake flavour! Check out the latest announcement for some new things! Stay amazing, friends!

Oct. HALLOWEEN Things are getting pretty spooky around milkshake! MEATSHAKE! Stay tuned for mini events and games being progressively released in the lead up to our spookiest holiday!
28 Sept. HAPPY JAAN DAY! today we celebrate the day that jaan was born, just a few moons ago! thank you for being born, jaan, thank you for being on this planet with us and thank you for being our amazing lovebug who will only ever cheer us on and never hold us back. This day is for YOU, baby!!
01 Sept it's spring!
12 Aug. new skin! let us know if something is wanky!

please welcome jaan as our very first mod! thank you for stepping up to help us out <3

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everything you're going to need to know about joining milkshake is right here!

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all apps should be posted in the appropriate forums within! you can also grab the template in here too. please note that any apps in the incomplete forum that haven't been updated/completed in seven days will be archived (unless you've spoken to an admin!)

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here's our little filing cabinet of claims. we're going to need you to make sure your details are in all of them!

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here is where all the characters of milkshake can be found! we use shipper apps, so you can plot right here too.

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you're wanted, right here!

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develop your characters within this board! post your trackers, aesthetics, playlists, ship & muse inspiration posts right here.

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keep in contact!

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the city

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Sydney's inner city district is the main financial hub for Australia - as well as being home to many of Sydney's famous landmarks.

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surry hills

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an affluent and vibrant suburb, surry hills is a mix of residential, commercial and industrial areas. it is a major center of fashion wholesale activities and features popular bars and creative restaurants.

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iconic bondi beach is the most famous of australia's beaches and has something for everyone - from the surf, sun and sand to the farmer's markets and street.

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arts centre fire station residenceshospital

located less than an hour from the heart of sydney, campbelltown is a scenic bushland escape from the city.

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residencesCathedralpolice hqjustice precinct

rich in colonial history, parra is home to many heritage listed sites but also has a vibrant youthful culture

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located on the banks of the nepean river, penrith is 50km from the center of sydney.

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elsewhere in australia

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the world

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it's a no-brainer what needs to be in here. please post your ad in the appropriate section, thank you!

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RPG-D Shadowplay Candyland Couture

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welcome, christian han!

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