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» b a n s h e e, #rad
charlie woo
 Posted: Sep 24 2017, 09:24 PM
22 years old
surry hills
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charlie woo

the hills
I only call you when it's half past five The only time that I'll be by your side I only love it when you touch me, not feel me When I'm fucked up, that's the real me. I just fucked two bitches 'fore I saw you Always tryna send me off to rehab Drugs started feelin' like it's decaf
Charlie’s descent into the supernatural had started pretty simply – all of the studying he had to do for forensics had led him to the dark side of the web full of unsolved murders and theories (which were well within his scope of knowledge considering it was what he’d been studying for four years) and with that came the people that saw what everyone else thought was impossible. The frat boy had still been skeptical, of course – who wouldn’t be after living a life entirely unbelieving of ghosts and demons – but then, one night when all the other guys had been fast asleep and the swimmer had been smoking outside, he swore he’d seen a woman crying across the street, but the second he shone the light from his phone onto her –

She’d disappeared.

When he’d told the dudes, they’d rationalized that maybe it was the high that had caused him to hallucinate – but Charlie knew it was anything but that. He had been smoking his weakest shit, the kind that barely gave him a buzz, so the only explanation that he could conjure up in his mind was that he had seen an actual spirit. With that information, the athlete had begun to use his knowledge from uni and his trust fund to purchase some wild equipment, and it’d only taken a few posts to his twitter before he’d started gaining double the following (even if a part of him knew it was only because they stuck around for the shirtless hey I’m in a haunted house! pics).

Exposing himself to the online world also gave him new chances to meet other sorts of people on the supernatural spectrum – he’d met some witches and mediums down in Bondi, and now he was heading to the sparse field out behind the cathedral to meet up with Radley (that one kid he always ordered Chinese food from, and now he knew that he also did a lot of spiritual shit, so he’d asked for his usual bag of egg rolls and a séance on the side). The grass crunched beneath his heavy boots as he trudged through the field, a black duffel bag slung over his broad shoulder – full of equipment, in case he needed to grab some content for his followers – and ignored the eerie silence around him. (#eatmyassspirits).

Charles noticed Radley up ahead, the moon like a silvery beacon above them as the frat boy crept closer, a playful smirk on his lips as he tried to keep his steps as muffled as possible before he was a mere foot behind the other, his fingers digging into his lean sides. ”Boo.” he laughed, even though he was already feeling spooked by their surroundings while Radley probably felt at ease, rubbing at his forearms, bare in the long sleeved black tee he wore. ”So, you gonna pop my séance cherry? Tell me how it’s gonna go down.”

radley im
 Posted: Sep 25 2017, 01:11 PM
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radley im

i'm fine// charlie woo
It had been awhile sense Rad had been in a place quite like this. Spirits were all over, he didn’t need to be in some spooky abandoned place to contact them. The aesthetic was something he had been craving, however, it was just he abandoned part that was starting to creep under his skin The aesthetic often pulled it together. Radley knew too that where tragedies happened there was often negative energy, it would result in homes never being occupied afterwards.

Still he missed finding places both freaky, and beautiful to figure out what was still hanging around. Though he wasn’t ready to just do this alone again. While before Rad used to roam around the less populated areas of the city to find abandoned building and set up shop for the night, he hadn’t managed to do that much sense he had been snatched. Even just walking around alone in the city was something that made him nervous, but pushing himself to just get back to where he used to be seemed like a good way to get over what he he needed to.

Charlie was a good dude, not that Rad knew him that well but he had been a regular costumer of the chinese place that he used to work. Of course now he had lost that job but he still was friends with Mr.Wu, would visit him often and still was able to score some free food (it was mostly form the man’s wife she was still worried that Rad was looking too thin even if he had filled back out months ago). With that he agreed to bring some egg rolls too along with a backpack with some things that would help them contact any spirits that would be wandering around. Rad had just gotten a new dowsing pendulum he was excited to use, but also he had an ouija board and some candles.

Being there first was not ideal, but Radley had let a handful of people know where he was, going as far to send a maps location to his cousin and Corey. Standing there he had mixed feelings. There was something calming about it, the night being warmer now that summer was starting to blow in again, and the lights soft from the few street lamps that were around. Still he was alone and that was unnerving. Eventually he heard something, soft sounds, from behind him, Rad stiffening, one hand tightening around the bag of egg rolls and the other around his phone. Rad was okay with spirits, it was the living he was afraid of.

Boo. And fingers in his side made Radley squeal and dropped the bag of egg rolls turning quickly ready punch whoever it was. Thankfully he was quick to register it was Charlie, there with a lazy laugh and his yellow aura. His heart was thudding in his chest still but he let out a nervous, breathless laugh. ”Ah… haha, yeah I guess I am,” Rad managed to get out after composing himself a little bit, crouching down and grabbing the bag of egg rolls that had thankfully stayed curled shut.

”These are your’s yeah,” Rad held out the food for his ghost hunting partner. ’Um how it’s going...well we are gonna head inside and find a place that feels right, I have a couple things to use you can chose what you want to do and I’ll explain it all while setting up. Did you do any research on the place? Oh and I didn’t know if you wanted to do any of the stuff with your equipment and all that.” He of course knew of all the readers and specialty cameras but had never used them, he didn’t need to. As he spoke and letting it sink in that Charlie was there Rad calmed even if the grip on his phone was still pretty tight.

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