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 absences, away? post in here!
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the unicorn
being lovely
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direct link // May 30 2016, 06:00 AM

are you going to be busy or going on vacation? has something come up? either way, to keep your characters safe and to let us all know that you haven't fallen off the planet, please post your absence in this thread using the code below! Please make sure to have an expected return date, you can always change it later.

[dohtml]<div class="milkfaces"> <div class="milklegs"> <div class="milktitle">## MONTH - ## MONTH</div> <p> you don't need to explain why you're away but if you want to this is where you can do it :B come back soon because we'll miss you! <p><b>this affects:</b> please name your characters! </div></div>[/dohtml]

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the trophy husband
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direct link // Aug 11 2018, 06:46 PM
12 AUG - 19 AUG

I'm going to stay with my dad/do work experience at the company where he works so I'll still be around on line but I probably won't be posting a whole lot!

this affects: just louie

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